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When Struggle Surrounds You - Remember This

When I approach a new blank canvas I attempt to establish a dialogue. That dialogue is with me and the canvas; me and my inner perception of my world; me and those who stop to view the work. I open conversations with signs and signifiers. I give clues. I try to reach into the recesses beyond what we see with the eye alone. I journey to the bare essence of a moment in time. With each canvas I hope to create a sense of anticipation. I want people to feel that "something" is happening outside of the scope of what you can see. I want the viewer to participate. And most of all, I want to remain a participant myself. Creating, whether it be with paint, textiles, or sculptures, gives me my voice. When words alone are not enough, I paint. When I establish this dialogue with a canvas I am given permission to speak in many more languages than just the language I use for words. It is that ‘unifier’ that reaches across all barriers to convey and idea; a story; my story. I wrote those words some time ago in response to a question from my artist friend Katherine Treffinger. Today, I revisit those words and what stands out in my mind is; ‘I journey to the bare essence of a moment in time. ‘ It is those moments in time that can be life-affirming, life-changing, or a moment that can bring us to our knees. Once or twice during my life, something has happened to push my ordinary mind out of the way, and partially open a little door into an entirely different knowledge; a most lovely, satisfying knowledge. During those rare moments one knows, that even the most painful and miserable moments that life throws at us, it is still worthwhile. It is worthwhile because of the joy and beauty which comes after and before it, and indeed, all around it. Our lives are an act of invocation. Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we like it or not, every act and thought, the taking up of an attitude of mind, is a mystic act of invocation, and draws unseen powers to our aid or our undoing. So our position is really one of immense power and potency at all times. Each moment, each day we are faced with new struggles; we battle with our limitations and we make difficult choices. It is my wish that we all come to a place where we see these moments, these struggles, as the most beautiful things.

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