My passion for the arts has been fueled by over 35 years of working as a curator, publisher, artist, instructor, lecturer and theatre arts.  I am a past recipient of a Canada Council Grant and Ontario Arts Council Grant, of which I am truly grateful.

My work is about communicating causal relationships/connections, whether it be with nature or with society. My method of communication is through painting and printmaking.  My style is mostly abstract expressionism. 


For me, seeking connections and communicating these connections, has been an integral part of my ‘creative experience’.  In order to experience these connections in our lives,  it is of utmost importance that we not only reflect on the interrelationship of all things in the natural order, but also see ourselves clearly as one system of causal relationships within that natural order, becoming aware first of the internal mental factors, then those in our life experiences, in society, and ultimately in the world around us.


Creating, whether it be with paint, textiles, or sculptures, gives me my voice. When words alone are not enough, I paint. When I establish this dialogue with a canvas I am given permission to speak in many more languages than just the language I use for words. It is that ‘unifier’ that reaches across all barriers to convey and idea; a story; my story.